Sunday, April 18, 2004

A single grain of rice can tip the scale of success(contentment) and defeat (misery).

Lots of things have happened, and life is pretty okay, nothing much is happening with me, except for a large number of jugglings with my schedule, as the final stretch of the school year approaches. Prom cancellation is iminent (iminent not eminent, they are entirely opposite in meaning), which is a major bummer for me because #1 my friends will have wasted their money on tuxes, or dresses, and I have only spent money on a ticket. They'll have a large write-off loss, while I'm high break even, or even make a little since I did make up what I spent in the last quarter from my dividends in stocks. In addition, they will not experience such a good event and might regret it as I already have. I just get double dosed of that. Oh well, I'm bad luck so I should expect double the bad right? Besides that things are looking up. It would appear that most people only talk about their bad things here and not their good things. Well, d-boat is really nice, even though it's hard when I'm freezing, and I took a hit to my left appendage. It's refreshing in the way that I am part of a community taking part in a common goal. Pursuing my own ambitions is good, but sometimes I can't just do that all the time. It feels good to be in society, I know a few of my friends, some are bored, some don't care, some wish to kill everyone and relieve their stress, some wish for honesty in people, rather than phony politeness, and some wish for spiritualness instead of materialism. Well, I try my best to help in some of these, despite how insignificant I can be, but that does not sway my mind. If I have tried my best, then I am content that I tried, and that there is a slight possibility that they think a little better. Well it's late, and so I'm off to sleep, and blast through the rest of the hmwk like I usually do, see you all later.

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