Tuesday, April 06, 2004

When ambitions are at stake, we forget that trust, honour, and friendship are existing entities.

Well, just when i thought things were looking up, I have had everything I hold dear to my heart torn to pieces. I won`t say who they are, because I still respect them highly for who they are, and as much as they mentally beat me, I will still stay true to what I`ve been as much as possible. However, I may have to warn those that do anger me, they may see the very bad side of me that formed from the lack of appreciation, or thankfullness. Let`s start with Saturday since this is where it all started. Sort of finding out that there`s not a lot going on with prom. That`s the OKAY part, I`ve always done organization, and as long as 1 person is in charge, that`s good ^^ (happy part). Bad part is that 1 of my parents said that my friends aren`t communicating well to me because they don`t want me around at all. In addition there`s the "care for nobody but yourself" talk from that parent. Well that hurt a lot, as it completely contradicted my own ideals, and so the next day I woke up with swollen eyes. The next thing was bad presentations I`ve to live with. Yes I`m a very technical person with bad people skills like my dad. However, that A) I`m not quite prepared yet to drop my technical merit to be booster rocket for another. B) I`m not a person that can do everything for you, we`re in a team for a reason, so do your part to. I hate yelling at people to work. So there is a leech, on my left knee, a knife to cut my left hand off, and dynamite at my chest of ideals. I will go crazy if one of these things messes up.

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