Saturday, April 03, 2004

Fear, difficulty, and beauty are all perspective. They will always be confirmed if you expect them and do nothing about them.

Well it is the end of yet another terrible midterm exam. I know I made millions of errors, despite my attempts to stay accurate. John can be intelligent, but his big problem is ACCURACY. So GOOD BYE nice marks, and in comes another disappointment in life. Well I still have 1 test on Wednesday, and another few next week to bring light and hope to my other 2 grades. Had an after party that had everyone not eating much, everyone`s probably too depressed about earlier events. Well we still enjoyed ourselves. Some still have more to go, but they`ll be fine I`m sure, they`re all very smart people ^^ A few closures to a few who couldn`t make it due to prior? or just later more inticing events? Well it`s all okay still because atleast I knew beforehand and wasn`t left hanging. It all works out, and now I just have to get the rest of the stuff ready for a few future major events ^^

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