Saturday, March 27, 2004

To defeat an enemy, you must think like them.

Yah yah, somebody already said that, and a ton of other quotes I put up here. But in any case, still trying to resist the unreasonableness in myself, but I`m doing well. Currently bored with not much to do, maybe I should go back to my hobbies. Well anyways how`s the week? It`s normal, do the hmwk, watch the days ZOOOOOM by you as you age. Hmm, this week has been unusually good too. I wonder why? 2nd choice acceptance, and now waiting for 1st choice acceptance/rejection. Good weather in that it`s the perfect temperatures that I am comfortable with. *sigh* I wish the weather was always this comfortable. Hmwk load is light, and because my courses are TEST intensive, they`re a bit more relaxing. Teachers are reasonable to not give a lot of hmwk in the hopes that you spend that time to study. Well, yes you can do that, or you can be like me and study when it is necessary (3 days before). Currently quite happy with the club`s outcome. It`s small, but it`s committed (well for those that arrive!), and we have progress. I`ll shortly send out a sched of what we`re doing, and TRY to resched for another day so that my extra-curriculars don`t crash. Hmmm, nothing much to say, just that I`m booored=P Currently feeling unmotivated, so that`s probably why I`m bored, maybe I need to be motivated to do things instead of I trying to motivate others =P

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