Monday, March 15, 2004

Relationships are partnerships. You dig a hole to help dig something up, but now you need help to fill the hole up

Hmm, is this place REALLY worth keeping? Only a few other people come here besides myself, hey I wasn't even worthy enough for a review when I submitted this blog for review! Great way to show my loneliness =T I feel lonely, because nobody talks to me! Besides from school geez I am NOT a Human computer as someone would label me.

Anyways, currently feeling crappy even though I went through the day as I had planned. Helping others with their school work, their relationships, their entertainment and that`s it so far. Apparently I am a great help to everyone, but it doesn`t work for me because I forgot people are selfish! I am selfish to, it`s just never fulfilled because no one can fill it and if they tried, it always leads to me destructing valueable relationships. Hahahaha we are all able to help others just fine, but to apply it to ourselves is almost impossible, or it messes up somehow. Ironic and hypocritcal our lives are! Well I`m currently in a psycho depressed mood right now so I'm sure anything people do can help.

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