Saturday, February 28, 2004

The majority are spectators, they never have the courage to be a participator.
Song: Affirmation --Savage Gardens

Hmmm, I should be well adapted to the Down Friday feeling because it's now happened 4 times in a row. So why do I continue to acutely feel it. Mainly because I felt good when someone ACTUALLY took their own responsibility to tell me why they couldn't make it to Robotics. Why feel good about being let down like that? Well it's a lot better than people simply not even saying a word, or not showing up at all. I didn't start to feel bad, until they reminded me later in the evening that they were sorry they couldn't come. I am perfectly all right if they didn't come because s/he had more important obligations. Why I had CFO of the club take over for today since I had to do something important myself. I'm probably picky and all, but look at most of the other clubs, they're back on track, they've got their attendance records back, heck d-boat is more full than it was earlier. WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE IN MY CLUB LACK THE SENSE TO SAY or DO ANYTHING even when I state stuff to do! Is it because I write descriptive e-mails that people just shove off as spam (I'll shove you into a wall if you think so)? Is it because I sort of run it like another class (engineering is just as much tough love)? Is it because I am a guy that will let it pass (Anger does not leave my mind for important reasons such as releasing more wrath than you need)?

Well that's all that's on my mind really, have to do some work and research tomorrow, and that's it pretty much.

Nobody visits here as it seems I've become insignificant in the lives of others. I'm a unique individual, just as everyone else is, but my uniqueness is never accepted. It's too complicated or smart for them to understand isn't it?! LAZY @$$-like BRAIN! Everyone has differen circumstances, why is it hard to empathsize? BECAUSE A PERSON IS SELFISH! I hate selfish people, I hate my own selfishness, I hate stubborness, I hate irresponsible people, and I hate lying people. Everyone has the same peeves, so they're actually just putting further strain on my extrenuating circumstances by treating me different.

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