Sunday, February 22, 2004

A Link to the Past, can make a link to the foreseen

I've come home from my OTHER home, and well it happens everytime I go there. Nostalgic in a sense of my very small childhood living in an apartment, while containing the luxury of my the future I wish to achieve. My apartment is nostalgic because I've always remembered what it was like to live in a small space, bad, dusty ventilation, and care freeness of NOT worrying you're going to kill the water supply =P It's also somewhat nostalgic too as I see my brother sleep in his bed next to my bed. Except long ago it was I being the little one, and my sister watching me. At the black of night when everyone has faded into the comforts of rest, I take a look at the view of TO from my window. This time in my life, I'm not obstructed by the building infront of me (thereby only able to see the street below), but I can see all of TO from my window, the shimmering of lights and reflections of the city across the blackness of night, reflecting off the grey-white clouds as the floor of the scene lights the room to the cotton ceiling. It's beautiful, and I could never capture that in anything except my mind.

Everything is not just warped in that time though. As I look around during the day, everything is pampered by the luxuries of Yuppy living. Marble and Granite, A/C and convection, everything white, and silver. The setting is very much of a Yuppy living there, off his own income, and able to afford all he wants easily. It is grand, it is what a man could wish for in the economic world, but it is insignificant if I could not share these with another. It all helps me, it all helps my family, but I long to show another (that is deserved) of these pleasures but has not experienced them. I dreamt of a person, perhaps it is her, but I doubt that would come to pass as I think I can easily change that person with any crush I get during the times I visit that home.

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