Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Brillance is light. The radiance of revelation, with the shadow of logic and process

Boy oh boy, a new semester, and it's less rocky than my last semester. Firstly, I don't have a lot of problems except that I don't like the lack of response from people when I send mails out. Just because I don't say "REPLY PLEASE" doesn't mean it is inappropriate to reply. I'm not a spam bot that doesn't need a reply. I'm a person that likes to confirm things, which is a reason why I send so many mails out. Also not receiving replies annoys me because some of the issues I place on those mails become "undefined" when there is a no reply. Ah well, my complaints will go unsaid outside of this page, and any of my other journal pages. Why would I keep it here? I actually don't, as people know my impatience when I send things out TWICE, or hint in my 2nd round mails that I'm vexated about no replies. Ah well, I can't beat out answers, and badgering about it will only strain my acquaitance with people. THEREFORE (where's the 3 dots) silence becomes the solution to the issue until all participants are willing to consult and solve the problem.

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