Monday, August 11, 2003

There's an update further down the entry!
Okay, I'm changing my layout back to fairly simple. I also took down my tagboard because it doesn't serve any function to me anymore as well. IF you want to make a comment, or ask question about entries. Please send an e-mail to

Well I'll keep the webring, since that's okay, for the moment.

Another great week, it has been again. I did all my work, and we even got that new DVD-player that we were looking at for FREE!!!! It's part of a Best Buy Promotion to sell the TV we just bought. So we went back for a price match, and got the DVD player for free. Yay!!!! This site will be linked to my angelfire website, so people can access it there. Nothing much that's new, just that I'll be spending less time on the computer, and more time at Dad's work bench making my airplane, or at the TV playing video games.

Update: Hey I forgot that today was August 11 because I was so happy already ^_^ Well it was a baad day for lots of my friends today. Serge bombed his computer twice, and now he screwed it up and it crashes every time he starts up IE. My other friend Benjamin had to hassle his boss to CANCEL the order we made on knives that was suppose to be canceled 5 days ago (Stupid boss didn't cancel the order, and tried to pull a fast one on us by even packaging the order on friday to get it ready to send out today). Hehe, well Ben went through a lot of trouble, and I thank him for his efforts. I took a look at why some of my DVD burns didn't work. It just so happens that I burned them in PAL, so they'd work in Asia and Europe, but not here in North America ^^;; Well I now have Macross Plus on 2 DVDs that I want to give away XD I reburned the first 2 episodes today and I got permanent working copy for the North American NTSC standard ^_^ It still takes 10hrs to do this though -__- I have 4 days to get a background image, and 2 item images for the Samurai X the Movie DVD I plan to burn for the friday's tutorial, and I also have to finish the other 2 eps of Macross Plus by this Friday! o_O tight schedule. Hehe, there's also Anime Expo coming to Toronto at Metro Convention Centre. I'm going to try and gather my friends along so we can all go ^_^ Also why didn't my mom tell me if she knew about it >: Anyways, I know Daniel will be there (he's the one that told me ^_^), and I'll see if people in the tutorial are willing to come^_^

Anyways, if anybody notices, I am changing a bit. I had to go to Endocrine last friday to get checked at which stage of puberty I was in @_@ Apparently, I'm developing later than the average guy, and I'm at around a year or 2 slower than the average population. Which would explain my immunity to sluts in the school, and my ability to concentrate in school despite all the show of skin. It would also explain my recent rush of crush this past and still seems to continue. Yes, I am also losing the immunity and concentration ability AND this is the WRONG time for that to happen #_# Well I've compensated for that by studying the entire summer holiday on MATH, and improving my social skills with my friends. So the school work load should be significantly reduced, and I won't feel so down in school that would be due to loneliness. Improved Moral, and knowledge base makes for an easier and better school year ^_^ I just said another secret to good grades ^_^ Another tip that is often never done is study atleast a week before exams, and 3 days before tests :D I do that, and I also eat tons of starch and sugar which is then consumed during those evaluations, and I never grow parallel to the earth anymore ^___^ LOL

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