Tuesday, August 05, 2003

August 5, 2003
Wahoo!!! August is a lucky month!!! Well it usually is for Chinese people^^;;
If you don`t want a run down of everything just skip to the Sunday 2nd paragraph, read that, and then skip to Reflections.

Friday was a very productive day. I woke up, ate, went to do math. I had a feeling the last section before the review was going to take longer than I estimated. Dad got lots of chores done while I was asleep, and when I woke up all I needed to do was clear the diswasher. That is because he said he`d take care of the rest. Ate lunch, went back to finishing up my math, and when I finished, my dad took me out to get the movie for the night`s outing with friends. Ate dinner, and went to Cherry`s place for study. Of course, while we`re waiting for everyone to come, we listened to Yuen and Cherry play FF music, and other cool stuff. After everyone has been assembled, we started on data management (few minutes), and went straight to Calculus. Yay, we learned the first principle of Derivatives and limits!!! I`ll be teaching Discrete later the next week, and so I have to get a lesson plan done. We watched Samura X, which is I think the OAV prequel to Rurouni Kenshin. A romance that seems so touching to me. It does have a lesson on moderation and balance of life. Do I have a balance in life? That is a question to be asked everyday. It is what can bring a person closer totheir goals, contentment and happiness. Perhaps that`s why I`m pursuing Commerce and Computer Science. Or it could be my own conscious desire to get away from home ^^;; After the movie we talked about our anime obsessions. Cherry with Gundam Wing and especially Duo, Mihan`s obsession with Final Fantasy, its music and Terra, and my obsession with Macross, Macross Plus, and their Vertech fighters. I like Macross Plus a lot, as its message is very clear, and a dedication to what many (such as myself) strive for.

Saturday was a fun day. It has been a long time since I swam before. I can still swim super fast in freestyle (thanks to my US size 11W or US Size 11EE feet). I improved my back stroke, and spent quite a bit of time just floating and swimming on my back. Afterwards, the same family tradition continued. BUY DOUGHNUTS!!!! There goes any weight loss ^^;; Oh well, that`s okay since my activity and metabolism always exceed my consumption. I went to go download more Glay Songs, and then ate dinner. After dinner, I cleaned my room (not very messy, but it still took 5 minutes to clean), surf the web, and I read a funny site about how a few stupid people got into stupid situations. Played Star Trek Bridge Commander, and I beat the game (Wahoo!). I`m good at keeping my shields high, and I have good strategic tactics and I am very good at conserving ammo (torpedoes).

Sunday: Woke up at 11:00AM which means I had 12 hrs. of sleep ^^;; Ate breakfast, and went out to buy cheap school supplies. I got 20 sheet covers for $1 (CHEAP!), new back pack, and a bunch of binders and paper. Checked out, and went to Sports Mart for some new shoes. Got a pair of expensive shoes because my feet are US Size 11EE (that means long and wide feet). We went to Buck Or Two to check out the place and left with a huge bag full of army men toys, and other neat stuff. Dad got the Weed killer we needed, and we bought 25 DVD-Rs forme to play with.

Rushed back for lunch, and ate hot dogs and fries. We went to Best Buy and here`s where the luck is ^_^ Mom and Dad went to get that money refund to compensate for the depreciation of my mp3 player, and they even got the CD Case and CD wallet promotion along with it! Plus there were only 2 of them left! Wahoo! I also found Macross 2, and Macross Plus there. I bought Macross 2 since I have Macross Plus here on the computer. At First Markham Place, we went to buy mushrooms, and when Dad was driving around in circles waiting for Mom to finish, we found a parking spot! So we parked down, and went into the mall. We walked around, and I went to the store that contained all the Macross stuff, and I found that they`re overpriced by 55$ No way am I going to waste that much money. I think I`ll go back to the comic bookstore at Bayview and Mackenzie later to buy that toy. We ended up eating at Peaktop (nice place) for dinner (mmm, very good Peking Duck). We just went straight to the apartment for the night, and Dad fixed up the drapes in my room (yay dark room now, no waking up at 5:00AM), and placed shelves in the closet (happy thought indeed). Cleaned up our toys, and plugged my mp3 CD player`s batteries in to charge.

Monday is pretty idle, as its civic holiday so nothing much is open. Everyone woke up late, so we all went out for brunch at Jade Dynasty. When we`re about to ask for the bill though, we had to wait 5 minutes until they noticed it and took it (very long when you`re doing nothing), and they didn`t even wait for us to ask us what we needed to pack the left overs in. We had to ask for that too and wait for it. While packing the stuff up, nobody bothered to help, so I just instinctively started packing everything. It took about 15 minutes to get a check and containers. Dad and I guessed that the waiters aren`t experienced and cool under pressure pressure. But they will learn those in time. Went home, and did the usual cleaning and house preparation for a guest doing a presentation on knives o_O Well my friend is selling them, so we granted him the presentation. However, when it came time to buying, my Dad got taken in by my friend and spent a very large sum of money for a set of knives o_O Well he can afford it, but it`s still a bit too much I think. Oh well, these things happen sometimes. Atleast he knows that it was a mistake to spend so much (Dad`s forgiven). Surfed a little, and generally just relaxed throughout the day.

It`s a lot better than most months I`ve had so far. As for personal feelings, I`ve had a few, but it`s not very prevailent anymore, I`m having a grand time on my own and with my group of friends. However, the answer to the puzzle of my last entry is here:

|-- --| |- -|
|400 145| |10 0|
|356 134| |08 0|
|-- --| |- -|

The key is my name ^_^;;
|- -| |- -|
|J 0| = |10 15|
|H N| = |08 14|
|- -| |- -|

|-- --| |- -| |- -|^-1
|400 145| |10 0| X |10 15|
|356 134| |08 0| |08 14|
|-- --| |- -| |- -|

|- -| |- -|
=|13 1| |1 0|
=|18 9| |0 0|
|- -| |- -|

|- -| |- -|
=|M A| |A 0|
=|R I| |0 0|
|- -| |- -|

I`m not sure if that crush still exists or not,
it might be that I don`t feel anything because I haven`t seen her for a very long time, nobody has sent me any of her contacts after I`ve requested them -_-, she hasn`t e-mailed me (probably because I wrote the wrong address again -_-), and I wrote her phone number on the wrong paper -_- Oh well, I guess I`ll just live my life as is, because it`s still very good ^_^

Update for August 5:
Yay, more good things! Thanks Stephanie for that ICQ# *bows with thanks*. The DVD I spent today burning (10 hours) works too!!!! Yay, DVDs for cheap now ^____^

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