Sunday, August 17, 2003

Okay, so I haven't typed in here for about a week, as it pretty much follows the frequency of my Hard Copy journal.

This entry was made on August 15 of the hard copy:
I was preoccupied with lots of other stuff. I'm still on track of my math and I will finish exactly half the textbook at the end of the summer. I'll try to work on ti during the school year with the same pace as I have currently. That'll be 1 hour less for my games and surfing the web. I also should spend my spares for school work so that I can open up the time after school for upcoming clubs. I finished the film in my camera on wednesday, but I think lots of photos are overexposed, because I left the settings of my camera to manual shutter. I still have to apply for SATs, but I don't have a credit card to charge it on. I'll ask mommy tomorrow so I can sign up.

I got a message from Mustafa today, and I'll get Norton Antivirus back! Yay! I can get the computer fully proteceted for school. Although Blaster worm has already passed. I'll get Windows washer, and ad-aware to improve the performance of the computer. Also, the DVDs I'm going to burn should be fairly quick, since they are each 1 movie file (and not 2 like the one's I've been burning recently).

I couldn't get RK: Requiem for Patriots because I was being STUPID. I did multimedia intensive stuff while converting. That made the process slower, and it messed up when things got really resource draining. I did this twice and on my 3rd try, a blackout happens. I thought it was another ordinary blackout, like the one in June where only our area was affected. It turns out the entire Eastern Seaboard was affected. The worst part of it was when it came time to get out. If mommy wasn't walking along Queen, if Betty wasn't checking out St. Michael's, and if Daddy wasn't driving through there, there'd be a missing family member at home today. When power did go out, I instantly grabbed all the flashlights, in the house, and deposited them in the living room, along with the radio, and my mp3 CD player, and the pair of battery operated speakers that I got from HK last year.

Afterwards, I had fun playing piano, and all the songs I know how to play. I did Hanon exercises, and then I became tired from playing. So I went to take a nap, and fell asleep for 3 hours. I wake up at 8:00PM and race against the falling sun to get candles lit. Family came home at this time, and Dady tried to turn the security system off. Instead he set it off when he punched the panel. We had to go to the point of cutting the wires to turn it off. We setup candles, took a shower, and ate a warm dinner in candle light. When we opened the windows to let cool air in, the sky was clearer thna glass. The stars shone brightly in the sky, with the full moon brightening everything on the ground. I also think we saw mars as the bright star next to the moon. We ate up as much Ice cream as we could. I took the softest one of teh 4. Why? Because I don't mind letting my family receiving better. Maybe that's what caring for family is.

When the family assembled to sleep at 12:00AM after watching the night sky, I saw jet fighters streak and fly above the sky. They were definitely fighter because no regular airplane can go that fast, with such a small turning radius. The family all settled into their warm beds except for I. I tried to get comfortable, and maybe slept for 2 hours. I woke up, thinking why did this happen, and it looks like a terrorist attack. The lack of accurate information implies this. Well teh government has corrected this, and showed us that a bad network of power centres is the cause (when a power station goes down, don't redirect the load to other strained plants!).

I still didn't get sleep even after pondering the previous paragraph. My mind was insecure and worrisome. I prayed to God for safety of myself, family, friends and the one I care for (implying Maria specifically). I then actually did get to sleep for another 2 hours after that prayer. I wake up to a scenario that is very much a fantasy, and yet is quite realistic. Under the circumstance that Maria likes me, I could be shunned by her parents as taking her away from them. Of course conflict arises, and a relationship would not exist. However, I will continue my life cold as ice. I couldn't stop thinking about the scenario, and I also could not stop thinking about how she is currently doing in the blackout. I then remembered that I have not taken my blood pressure meds, which is the cause for all my "bad sleep nights. " I quickly take them, and I start to doze. My blood pressure med has dizziness as a side effect. This is good to help go to sleep.

However, my eventful night does not end there. I have a very vivid dream, with many things that are noticeable. There's an unusual organism spreading and growingon everything. It spreads like the Medusa bug from Reboot, and it consumes life like the demons from Princess Monoke. The spell is more like turning everyone to some kind of plant. I find that everyone is being consumed, and I myself am about to be consumed. I am cradling corn (that seems to come from My Neighbour Totoro), and I can tear the spell away from myself, and the corn. After cleaning myself and the corn, I have morphed into a cougar. There is also a mane of tusks around my head, and tusks coming from my legs. I am now watching myself run to a girl/woman being consumed. I revert to seeing through the eyes of the beast, and in a frantic panic try to tear the spell from her. However, each time I tear away the spell, it regenerates and grows more. After I fail to save the girl, I morph back to my normal self in reality. Eventually I fail, and I notice that I am the only one left in that world who still has control over myself. Everyone else has been consumed by this wood medusa bug. All that is left is a fresh ripe corn that survived with me.

That was just Thursday too. Friday I wake up at a reasonable time and I'm surprised we have pancakes for breakfast. Well if we didnt have the gas stove, my family would be like all my other friends. Today isn't very eventul because power was restored at 12:20PM. Before that I was playing piano, and doing math. As soon as a light went on, we set the fridge to maximum freeze, and the air conditioner to cool and always on. We also turned on the computer and I checked my mail, Mustafa make a reply to give my CD back and I sent out message to the tutorial participants that today's meeting is cancelled. I was able to contact everyone except for Cherry. She came, but I had to tell her that the meeting is cancelled. So she had to call for a ride home, and meanwhile I gave her the itinerary for Anime Expo that I created (hopefully another person may come ^_^). I discussed with her the times and why it's sunday (she has sunday worship to attend to usually). So she'll think about it. After she left, I did some clean up, mop the floor and burn a mp3 Cd of the new songs I've recently downloaded. AFter that came the news, and dinner. As I was eating though, Nanting calls my cell to probably ask if I wanted to go to Cherry's place and watch a movie. I couldn't receive the call though because my cell phone ring is not very loud (and I've already set it to the loudest). I didn't see that my phone had a missed call until around 10:00PM (2 hours after the call). I called Nanting's place, only to hear from her father that she's out. So I call Cherry's place and find her there (I knew they'd gather there!). I guess I have unusually good intuition to track people just by phone calls. Well while I was writing the hard copy of this, they were watching Castle in the Sky, waah, i love that movie (which is why i have a legitamate version of it) because the storyline is soo cool, the drawings, musc are beautiful. The robots, and airships are reminder of Megaman Legends, my favourite game, and Laputa as well. Well we'll decide whether we watch Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, Rurouni Kenshin: Requiem for Patriots, Macross Plus, or Macross: Do You Remember Love in the meetings to come.

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