Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oi, everytime I blog, it's because either lots of stuff happened, and I get a very long entry, or I have something to rant about and still make a very long entry. It's been a good 3 weeks since I blogged, and nothing really bad has happened since then (or if there was, I got over it quickly).
Anyways, first off WHY I haven't been blogging that much is that every university student has to STUDY! Not playing games, not partying, JUST STUDY! That's 1 whole week explained yaay ^^

The week after I've been playing about, relaxing for the extra week of break that I have. After the last exam (which was a breezer), went to a party with YAMA people. It was lots of fun, with the exception of staying awake the whole night. The following Wednesday I trekked back up to my hometown, and being in the sleepy state I'm in came 30 min late. I still made it on time to meet some of my HS friends, and we went around sitting in on classes, and talking to about what was well learned, and what wasn't. Went back home, and took some well needed sleep. Went back to YAMA much later than I expected to, to work on the computer. The floppy drive on that computer is screwy and couldn't read the bootdisk properly. So I copied the contents of the floppy (after several retries) to the C drive of the computer (plus the C drive was set to being a system drive) so that instead of booting from a bad floppy drive, it's booting from a good core C drive. However, after being able to reinstall windows, the computer now always thinks that the C drive is an emergency boot disk. Oh well, so you get the extra ramdrive components to the computer. It's okay as long as the computer boots in windows. I need to find the videocard drivers, and the internet settings to fix the computer up more because the computer right now is on stand-alone status, and the computer is on 640x480 in 16bit colour.

While I was fixing the computer, Dad called me up to tell me he's at the apartment. I told him it's fine, and I'll be coming to the apartment tonight. When I did come home (11:00PM) there was nobody there, and I was puzzled why he wasn't around. I find out later when I do come home that my dad uses this place to do basic cleaning and eating (since he works very hard and to late hours too now).

Friday was sort of a blah day. I woke up very late, got to the meeting later than I said, was pinned in the head by a shooting star (ouch). And played games with YAMA people until it was over.

The weekend was good, as I played with my little brother for most of the weekend. Dad bought me a laser printer to use (yaaay no more smudging printouts), Dad was equivocating (A LOT TOO) about whether to buy the P93 Sony camera for $330, or wait for the S500 Canon to drop from it's fairly okay $450 price. I like the Canon S500, but the price is quite hefty. Dad was thinking of buying the P93, but if we bought a proper sized memory stick with it, it would still round out to the same price as the S500. So, Dad says to wait until boxing day for us to fight our way through the crowds for a marked down S500 ^^

Monday I went out with my friends Downtown, and at first NaCH3C00H (that's his username on xanga) was complaining at outside being freezing when we walked 10 minutes to the bus terminal. We then took the bus to the subway, and the subway down to Eatons centre to shop. It was already kind of late when we got there, and most of the time we just browsed around. We went through the whole shop, and there wasn't much to look at. Everything was grossly marked up for the desparate shoppers. Browsed around, and then we went to NaCH3C00H rez to pick up what? A NAMETAG! Well tainted_white, and I wanted to see how his rez looked like (nice place). After that we walked halfway through all of Downtown to find someone at Chestnut rez. We didn't find the place, and we were frozen from walking everywhere. Eventually we went back up, and we didn't have time now to go to p-mall so we just went back up to our local Loblaws, bought some food, and went back to cook. After the cooking, it was pretty late, but we still hung out together for a while.

Tuesday was pretty idle, as I slept in, made m brother food, did some calc, started a conversion, played the piano, and did chores. It was mostly a relaxing day.

Now I have to finish converting a video in impossible time, and get to another gathering (with more of my HS friends this time) that is in 3 hours.

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