Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hmmm, not sure what I can do to make this entry structured. This week was pretty random and full of itself. I guess the most structured way of starting is list what's happened, and then write something about each. I had my bio midterm this week, spent 3 days playing and fooling around, learning to do office hours, had a weird dream, found out one of my grade school friends died so early, ate out alone, and I'm alone in my apartment to study ^^

Well the Bio Midterm was okay since I did get above average this time, and I wasn't at average. I got 74% which is pretty good considering the class got a really bad average of 55%. BUT the deviation is + or - 16% so I'm still within a huge chunk of people. Atleast I can say now that I'm in the upper half of the bell ^^

I spent 3 days playing games and not studying. I felt bad at the end of the day as I could have done something, but I didn't feel like working. Well, now I'm back to studying, catching up on economics before the midterm, and I'll be doing chemistry tonight. There's only 4 units in chemistry and I'll make sure I know them by the time saturday comes around. I wanted to start economics earlier, but I didn't gather up enough resistance against the video games lol. Yeah, so I'm studying now.

Office hours could have been lumped up with the above paragraph since I was playing video games in the office, but when I mean office hours, I mean when I'm by myself and there isn't a soul around. It's pretty quiet there, and it's a pretty good to study. I got through a chapter of study while I was there, even though the chapter was worth 2 presentations.

I don't remember when, but it was sometime this week (I think wednesday) that my best friend told me that one of our grade school friends died in his sleep on monday. I was shocked that it happened so suddenly and abruptly. In terms of managing the event occuring, I haven't thought too much about it since I have exams coming up. HOwever, what does go through my mind when I think about him is the good times that we went through when in high school, and even better in elementary school ^^ He was a good person, and I'm sure he's in a much better place.

Weird dreams happen kind of frequently now, and I don't know why, in addition, the next day I got a strange text message too. The dream I had was that I was walking through a LEGO exhibit, and I get a call or a message that there are 5 bombs in the exhibit, and they look like toys too. I was worried so I looked for the bombs, and found that they were PS1 consoles plugged and ready to explode. I immediately just pulled out their cords, and that diffused all of them except for 1 bomb which activated a quick timer. Having about 4 seconds to get rid of the bomb, I threw it to another room, closed the door, and ran for cover. When I came back to the exhibit to check on the exhibit, I found that the bombs were replanted and this time it was getting harder to diffuse them each time I cleaned them out. I don't remember how I woke up, but still that was weird. Then during the YAMA showing, I got a message on my phone saying

"Make up your mind, you have to choose a path."

So that was kind of weird too.

Anyways, friday was kind of dull as while I was going to uni again and waiting for the bus, Chow happens to be at the station too, so I meet up with him. Anyways while on the bus I received a call from a private number, but I didn't know I was getting a call since I left my phone on silent. When I got to the office it was same as always, when everyone left, I studied. George came by and I got a snack to eat. When I left and waited at the bus stop so I could go home after office hours, I saw yet another person that I recognized, but I didn't want to get out of line just to say hi and I was hungry.

When I got back home I went out to eat at the Korean place across from where I live, As I was waiting in line (yet again), I bumped into one of my friends who is still in high school. She asked me how university was and I told her that it wasn't that easy. She left after a small chit-chat, since she didn't want to wait to eat. I stayed in line and waited to be seated. I didn't know what I was ordering, and I ordered a vermicilli that was very spicy. Unfortunately there was no milk, so I couldn't eat the whole thing as my mouth was burning with spice already. I packed it up and went home. When I got home it was still messy, so I cleaned everything up in half an hour (expecting family to stop by in 45 minutes), but they didn't show. So I just thought

"Hmmm they're probably letting me study this weekend."

Now, I just thought of something, it's sort of a theme for this week that is most prevalent. I felt it while I was alone in the office, but I felt it the most when I was eating at the Korean restaurant. In the restaurant while I was waiting or eating I felt a very strong sense of loneliness. Here I was, in a restaurant where there's lots of chattering, and laughter. I'm the only person in the restaurant that requested a table for 1 person. I didn't want to think about what I needed to do or what I should do. I've done all that already, and the only things that were on my mind that night was

"When John is left alone, he's truly alone."

I know I'm on my own, and that's why I spend most of my time in the company of people at university, and most of my time at university. I haven't actually felt the loneliness of where I am until now. When I come home early. This apartment is empty, it only contains those of the family bloodline. Pure in that there hasn't been anyone to blemish it, boring in that there hasn't been anyone to decorate it.

Anyways I've finished up a chapter of Econ, and watched some anime, and went to bed. That was the whole week. It's Saturday now, and I need to go and buy supplies for the house, and study gas laws.

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