Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I had a dream last night, but the dream is much more vivid, and much more easily remembered than most of my vivid dreams. In addition certain symbols and events occured in their context, but I had not even read about what context they should be in until after the dream. So I am concluding that I'm getting a warning of my ill-behaviour.

Anyways I'll start off in chronological order since that's how I discovered things.

I'm in the office using the computer, and the prez brings what looks like a very large and elaborate gold necklace. They say it's the chain of Sodom, and that whoever wears will turn evil, and go crazy. Apparently, everyone takes the prez seriously and doesn't attempt wearing it. I kind of laughing off that the curse exists, put it on myself. The chain itself is kite shaped (so imagine a kite), with a cross across its axis (so connect opposite points of a kite), and where the 2 axis meet is a brace/circle for the person to clamp around their neck. After putting it on, I hear what seems to be the yelling of a mob flooding into my ears, and then my head. For a second, I can't stand it, but then I feel that I have changed, not with more angst, but I'm more serious about actually destroying the world, and I feel I have the ability and resources to do just that. However, one of my uni friends also hears the voices, and is begging (and screaming) for them to stop. I go to her, hold her, and quietly repeat "Concentrate on my voice." She stops begging and screaming, but in addition she has lost herself. Her eyes are glazed over, and seems to be a body without a soul, and it just stays with me now. Suddenly, there's a change of place, time (later), and happenings. I find that I'm about to rape her, and she is not resisting. I notice that she's not resisting, she still has the glazed look in her eyes and she really doesn't have a soul within her to allow her to do anything. I realize first that I'm doing 2 wrong things. First was initially that I was about to physically do something, but what was more painful was that I had already killed a person and I am a truly a bad person. The voices return, and everything around me disappears to darkness. I wake up after this, thought about it for an hour, and then actually woke up for the day.

Later on (as in research on the web before I update this), I find out that the city of Sodom in the bible is one of the cities of great evil that God destroyed. However, this story is often used against homosexuality for its line "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them" <-- supposedly there is connotation of rape here too. After reading this, I'm shocked to find similarity in the evil nature I felt I possessed in the dream, and the evil nature portrayed in the Story of Sodom. I've never read the story, since I only got up to the listings of people's descendants in Genesis and then stopped reading the bible. So reading a quick synopsis of the story, and seeing it's relation to the dream earlier seems more than just a coincidence to me. Anyways, on to other topics of conversation besides the ever so wonderful visions. I guess I can post the Obligatory christmas list. I won't make a journal cut/link for people since I'm SURE people are too lazy to click. From parents:
From relatives:

Merry Christmas ^^

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