Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canada's stupid ignorance about American Gun Laws.

So I'm currently infuriated by several of my Canadian friends about their posts on American Gun laws that they do not understand.

The infuriating part is their own personal ignorance about how closely Canadian and American gun laws match!

#1)  All guns must be registered SOMEWHERE!  If you want to buy a gun in both countries, it has to be recorded and reported.  Whether the shop dealer does his paper work right or not is a matter of discretion on the owner, and enforcement by the government.

#2) Automatic weapons ARE NOT legally available in America.  Not in most states that I know of, and only to Law Enforcement and Military personnel ONLY.  Guess what Canada, it's exactly the same as you!  As an example, Discovery's Sons of Guns builds automatic weapons ALL the time, but their customer is just about always law enforcement, security detail, or Military (Veteran and active).  Everybody else that gets a weapon from them is Semi-ONLY.  The Sandyhook weapon.  An AR-15 Colt Bushmaster is a SEMI-ONLY Rifle.  You can buy the same thing, with the a lower power .22 calibre, IN CANADA for $1200 and a gigantic 20rd mag for it by default!

#3) Bad storage of weapons:  Sandyhook was SPECIFICALLY caused by 2 things:  Failing to diagnose and treat the perpetrator of is illness.  Failing to PROPERLY STORE YOUR FIREARMS.  This type of failure IS NOT SPECIFIC to the USA.  It is a careless mistake made by a lazy individual, who was not vigilant in their safe keeping.  This can, and does happen in Canada too!  The Driftwood shooting was caused by a teenager who joined a gang, and took his dad's gun because the Dad didn't store it safely away.  Why is CANADA letting these lazy individuals get licences to guns?!

My personal experience with storage:
I "only" have a library of Airsoft Guns, and 3 Airguns.  Compared to my farmer friends, it's harmless!  However, if I think about the ignorant use of them by any random person that doesn't know what they're doing, I lock them up, I keep their magazines out. I put ammunition so far away, it'll take you 30 minutes to find a round and pop it into a gun.  I even spend the money to buy Firearms Grade Lockers to store them in.  I buy Trigger Locks for Airguns because I don't want ANYONE I don't trust to touch them. The only guns that are out, are deactivated guns that are broken.  They don't shoot, they are in pieces .  It is not required by law for me to store them this way, and most airsofters DON'T store them like that.  However, I do so because I want to be safe.

BTW, if you don't store your firearms properly in Canada, it's a criminal offense, and you will get fined and charged for it.

#4) Stolen and Smuggled Guns:  This is a problem with BOTH Countries.  Organized Crime is not specific to America, it is a problem in many nations, and in many forms.  What's so special about America?  It's on the news, vs NOT on the news.  So Canada not telling its citizens about a gun smuggling problem makes it ok, and America reporting to its citizens to be vigilant about it isnt ok?  If you personally like your head in the sand, then go ahead.  I like to watch out and not be near that stray bullet heading for me thank you very much.

So basically the frustration for me comes from ignorance.  Go read up on the specifics, and understand specifics that you don't know.  What gun did they use, and compare it to what the news compared it to.  See the differences and similarities.  Go understand the actual laws, and see whether it was systematic error, or personal error.  Go understand the cultural significance of things like the 2nd Amendment, and the culture of country the disaster is happening in.  You don't have to absorb the culture, but be able to  understand things like why American Cars are Big, Luxurious and Baroque, vs Economical, Functional and "plain."  THEN decide whether your original impression (not even opinion, because that is worth seeing and debating about) of the small newspaper article shooting is legitimate for posting on Facebook.

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