Monday, August 24, 2009

The Doctor is like life.

1 bit of time things are all fine and dandy, the next there's chaos and destruction and hate everywhere! Also who's to say that "bit of time" has a specific regimented separation, it could be decades, years, days, weeks, minutes, even seconds with no particular value besides let's say x for any number in the real number system!

So anyways not too much to blog besides the following:

I hate York: They fail to inform you properly until you hand stuff in, wait 3 weeks for a letter saying "RE-JECTED GeeGee!"

Before Dad went on vacation from work, he was an absolute ass. Now he's just fine like he's a completely different person. That's not all, mom changed too, and it feels like they're not my parents anymore. They're actually respectable ...

New year is about to start, and guess what? Execs take off ... WTF? You take it easy NOW?! If things were nice and settled beforehand, we wouldn't be tired now when our most crucial time of "put on our happy face and grab people" is upon us.

SO! Instead I went to go shoot crap, forget about the worries of my exec positions and boy was that fun as ever!

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cherry said...

glad some things got better particularly with your family...

haha, mindless activities are great. : )