Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You never let time mold your life. Mold your own life on your own time.

That saying has been going through my head all day ever since the end of my meeting with a certain person. She'll stress about scheduling, stress about make sure to cast as wide a net to reel everything in. However, when that's all done, there's still always

"We're too late. We have to start over again. Somebody can't make it. We don't have enough resources. "

Well you can stay 1-track minded or flanking the problem from all other methods of achievement. That my friend is what a problem solver is, and what a person of higher education is suppose to be able to do. To have a solution to the most direst of circumstances, and motivate your people to fix it, that's a leader my friend.

However, if you're constantly letting everything walk all over you, and have lost all hope and confidence in achieving anything. Then your people will see that, and you will falter into the mob and abyss of followers that are your people. You must be motivate, delegate, negotiate, but perhaps most importantly though have faith in your people to pull us all through. For they are what reflects society. We are simply just the guiding rail of this whole rocket taking off.

Now perhaps this thinking is from my optimistic view of humanity. That inevitably disappoints me every time someone like you fails to take control of your life. Yet, because of the following statement, I am able to continue and persevere through all this shit that I see.

Prepare for the worst, Pray for the best!

For you though, it means getting away from niceties, and crusading through life. Which eventually though, you will have to do. Might as well get an early start on the experience before it kills you!

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