Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is probably one of my worst days ever, or I've just had a ton of patience go out the window because of a lot of crap happening.

So my former fencing student had challenged Kendo to a duel. It's a cool thing, it's a wonderful way to be social too. Although it's horribly egotistical, and horribly difficult to maintain a sort of equality considering that they emphasize different concepts. Tradition to simulate combat, or the techniques to prepare for it (Kendo). Technological progress and modernization to allow the release of all the controls had in training, and the closest experience to actual live combat without the consequences of it(Fencing). Both have their goods and bads, but I personally think that fencing's direction has allowed for sport mentality to seep into the combat art. "I don't care if I get hit first because i'll read their actions from that first hit. " in reality though, you're lying down in your own pool of blood.

Anyways main problem is that he's got a huge ego, he teaches horribly, he's scared students away, he's belittled students, AND he thinks he knows the terrain of a 10m x 10m arena when all he's practiced on is a 14m x 1.5m strip. He has no concept of evasion from a high powered attack. His first reaction is to full block it. Not deflect, full block. A katana coming down on your sabre full force is going to be painful.

So I try to teach him a more realistic approach. Evasion. Side step left, Side step right. Left right left. Something that just about all martial arts still have. So pretty siimple an attack coming to your left, you shift right and vice versa. Unfortunately he doesn't understand this concept and just runs in 1 direction on an angle. Even after chopping his fingers, having my 230lb fencing president pulverize him with a shinai AND my Longsword has not drilled into his head the idea of evasion. I've given up on trying to teach him. If he wants to learn something, he has to learn to think first.

Then there's the fucking flaker who says he wants to play Freespace 2 with my friend jeff and I. We're trying to set a squad up so there is more enjoyment in the game with teamwork. Ok, so we set a time, and then when the time comes, he backs out. Why the fuck do you say you want to play if you're just going to flake out at the very end. Don't lead people like that. What are you flaking out for? To play 2nd life. Not just run around 2nd life. You're going to play war games 2nd life. But if you wanted to play shooters, get battlefield 2, 1942. Play CS, Play Planetside, Play Call of Duty. Play a REAL shooter, not an online mock up with horrendous glitches. Also if you're playing Jungle/city map. don't a) run through the middle of a corridor b) think a bush is a bush, it's most likely your brazilian enemy waiting for you to turn around and shoot up your n00bie virtual fox arse with AK-47 rounds.

I'm most angry with your wasting my time to help you setup only to do what? Ignore every fucking word I say and do things the stupid way. Go download 2.14gb when you've had all that data stored and you deleted it for no reason. For some reason you are unaware of the most frequent torrent sites pirate bay, mininova and the superb search engine torrentz. You download all sorts of data and manage to get viruses. You should know that a torrent that says 2.14kb and says 3 files in .iso of Freespace 2 can NEVER be right! how can you have admin rights if you're unable to change your folder options and views?

How can you be so dumb as to TELL ME to prioritize living life properly when you spend more time on 2nd life and in cliche D&D games than you do in reality. You spend more time daydreaming yourself as an ace pilot when you can't even hit the broadside of a barn at point blank range. You imagine yourself a great commander when all you do is build massive armies and zerg. I don't even see the hint of a flanking maneuver, or unit diversity, or squad decentralization.

You seem to have forgotten, that instead of achieving the following in my 2nd life like you, I achieve all this in my 1st and last life in reality and you have the guts to talk to me:

the armourer of the Fencing Club, the armourer of the Archery club, The leader of the Weapon Art Union, A referree for Nationals Pentathlon Association, A businessman between weapon suppliers and their clubs. An air pistol shooter capable of firing an MOA of 3in radius at 10m. no bullseye or circular labels of reference, A 0.22cal Rifle shooter that can shoot a quarter at 20m. A microbiologist that faces the threat of infection and death everyday because of immunosuppression.

AND YOU SAY I DON'T LIVE MY LIFE! I fucking swear that is an insult coming from you. I have no regrets, and I love what I do. Why? Because I don't have to imagine myself as that soldier or warrior that fights for who he loves, that fights for what he believes in. I am that person. I am capable of doing those things in both times of peace and war.

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