Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Okay, it's a very very very very very very long time since I actually posted here. Well that's probably because I was updating my AA site instead of this site =P Did the 2nd physics test earlier this month, and did a calculus test too. My Physics mark is now an 88%, that's nothing new, I've had that average before, I need to break what I call the 90 barrier. I've only gotten to the 90 barrier (that's because it was Computer Science), but I haven't been pasted it!

Oh well, had a great party last week, since I don't have the opportunity to do so on Halloween. I can't because I have SATs November 1st =_= I HAD to schedule for that day, and not later or earlier. Oh well, another dissappointment to deal with. Well all is normal, I still do my hmwk diligently, I still talk, and chat with friends, and I'm still well involved in school (which explains my lack of online interaction outside of my RL friends). That's all for now, I'm not dead or anything, I'm just a bit busy with the environment around me =D

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