Wednesday, August 11, 2004

ARGH! I got bad timing again. Well just a description of the context of my subject first: When I play first person shooters, I always come out when an enemy is about to run out of ammo. ABOUT to run out, they're not actually out of ammo at the time I come out of cover, so I get shot and die. Same with online games where I'm about to enter a corridor, and I enter in the strafing motion, I still die, the enemy is on opposite wall I'm entering so I'd have to turn and shoot them which takes longer than the guy to click his mouse and kill me again. That's why I don't like First-person perspective shooters.

Anyways on to the main rant. I have very bad luck and super-duper bad timing. It's the reason why I'm discouraged now to hold gatherings. Nobody's available when I organise, unless I hold one every week consistently so I can hit the right spot. But really, I don't have time to do that as it takes me a lot of effort to first tell my parents, and the plans of what we'll do, then to clean the house from its usual brotherly bombed state (ARGH he is too messy, and the house isn't always as clean as people see it), and I assume that no answer means people don't even know that I've set a gathering up (which is often the case!).

*sigh* I'm not mad at anyone, so I'd like the people I invited not to say sorry. It's not their fault, it's my fault for even initiating such an event. I'm just mad at my bad timing again. It happens. It's kind of sad for me though as I'm staring to not remember the voices of my friends anymore. I still kind of remember them, but they're faint, soft and quiet.

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