Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Another week, another Stock market ride through my life. It seems my blood test results aren't that great, therfore I need to take more rests. I also got advice from my parents that I should step down as an Executive Member of Robotics Club, and concentrate more on recovering. It's reasonable, since I only have 2 courses to work on, and I'm working on Math already on my own. Oh geez, I can't even get my thoughts straight, I'm all messed up, and I can't even keep my focus. I'm bouncing around whether I should stay, or leave my position, but I'm not even thinking of valid reasons, it's all based on how I feel. I don't like this, and it's bothering me. My mind's got high Entropy, and I need more energy to clear that (more like sleep though). I'll merely be a messenger to my opponents club so that the other Execs aren't left in the dark.

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